Whether it’s Ram Nami, Diwali or Hanuman Jayanthi, these 7 books on the Ramayana will thrill you and the kids!

Junior Kumbhakarna

Recommended Age 2-6 yrs junior-kumbhakarna

Written by Arundhati Venkatesh and illustrated by Shreya Sen, the book is about a boy Kukku who wants the story of Kumbhakarna again and again and again. This so resonated with R, who bugs me to tell her the same stories again and again and again. So Kukku’s dad starts telling him the story of the character in Ramayana, who eats and sleeps and only sleeps. What we loved about the book were the simple words and the lovely story line make the book a delightful read. The illustrations are fabulous and they add so much more character to the book. A Retelling of a portion of Ramayana in a humorous and funny manner! This was our theme for Toka Junior in October 2017. Pair it with the very popular Ramayana Stick puppets!

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Lights for the Blue Prince

Recommended Age 5-9 yrs


Lights for the Blue Prince was our book pick for our October Under The Banyan IMC’s Treasure Box- (Now Toka Explorer) The book recounts the entire Ramayana using the ancient art of Shadow Puppetry. It is a great book to have in your child’s library.

You can pair the book with our Ramayana Shadow puppet kit to make it a complete experience!

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Rama and the Demon King

Recommended age 5 -7  yrsRama and the demon king

This book is a slightly modified version of the Ramayana, it’s good for a toned-down introduction to the epic giving kids a view into the broad outlines of the story and its morals. The illustrations are bright and inspired by shadow puppetry as well.

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The Girl Who Chose

Recommended age 9+

The Girl who chose

This book is refreshingly from Sita’s point of view and about the choices she made in her life in the yester world of ‘male rule’ (not ‘dominance’ I would say, ladies from all sections of society were treated with much respect I believe..)

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Story Of Diwali Written By Amruta Ram

Recommended Age 2-5 yrs

Story-of-DiwaliSome festivals bring with them immense joy, enthusiasm, warmth, positivity, colors, lights & love with them. Diwali is one of those festivals. No matter whether it’s a child or an adult or even birds, all are soaked in happiness. That is how this lovely book about Diwali starts. Story of Diwali is a wonderful book written by Amruta Ram. Her debut book on Diwali is a short & crisp description about how five days of Diwali are celebrated – Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdashi, Diwali, Padwa and Bhai Dooj. The book particularly aims at toddlers, preschoolers & kindergartners who have short attention spans & hence prefer shorter text & more pictures on each page.

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Rama Fights Tataka, Mango Books

rama fights tatakaCan you recall how many times you have listened to/ read/ watched the story of Ramayana? And has there been a single time when the story failed to fascinate you, or you could not find one new thing about the story and its characters? Such is the charm of mythology!  ‘Rama Fights Tataka’ is the story of Rama and his brothers growing up and the blessings Rama gets because of the sincerity with which he accomplishes his tasks.The format of the entire Ramayan being split into small stories for easier consumption for the young kids works really well – as they are not overwhelmed with either the details or the length of the story. The usage of words is also just right for a budding reader. The illustrations add to the presentability of the book – Rama and Lakshman are shown to be very cute, chubby princes, and they make a very pretty picture.

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Hanuman’s Ramayan

Recommended age 6 +

Hanuman's Ramayana

Retold by Devdutt Pattanaik and superbly illustrated by Nancy Raj, the book is a part of  ‘Our Myths’ series by Tulika books. The story is about how Valimiki, who completes the grand epic ‘Ramayan’ realises that he has competition when Sage Narad tells him about a better Ramayan already existing written by Hanuman. Valimiki is devastated, but goes in search for Hanuman to read his version. The book tells us that there are more than one version to the great epic and each version has its one fascinating and interesting storyline. More importantly, the book reveals to us what happens in the end when Valmiki meets Hanuman.

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