Happy Mother’s Day! If you are on Twitter and Instagram, we highly recommend following these mums. From fitness advice, writing and food, to parenting and humor, these mums tweet or Instagram in style! Some of them post tweets that melt our hearts or have us convulsed with laughter. They capture moments that all of us can relate to as mums. So take that phone and hit ‘follow!’

6 Indian Mums to follow on Twitter

1. Shailaja Vishwanath


A blogger, short story writer, poet and an absolute wizard with social media and blogging strategies, Shailaja Vishwanath is one of the most popular mom bloggers in the country. Shailaja’s tweets also have an irresistible personal flavor. As mums, we especially love her thoughts on parenting.

2.  Monika Manchanda


No day is complete without checking in on superstar food consultant, blogger and mum, Monika Manchanda. Her food posts and photos are to die for, but we also love hanging out with her virtually as she writes about food, business, lifestyle, cricket, politics and pretty much everything under the sun.


3. Satarupa B Kaur


A blogger and community builder at Baby Chakra and Sheroes, this mum is widely loved by all of us. She has tremendous social capital and a wide reach. Among her many talents, Satarupa is a master at initiating Twitter conversations. Whenever she poses a question, everyone chimes in and some fabulous discussions unfurl. We also love that she speaks her mind.

4. Tulika Singh


We are a little obsessed with Obsessive Mom. Not only is she a brilliant writer and a book lover but she has a great sense of humor. A woman of many talents, Tulika’s tweets and posts reflect moments from her life and work. These moments are fascinating to watch, purely because of the strong connect Tulika has with her readers.

5. Dipika Singh


A mommy blogger who always makes others feel welcome on Twitter, Dipika writes and tweets about books, parenting, health, and nutrition. A person with many talents, Dipika can write about any topic with expertise. Mums like Dipika give the rest of us tremendous success goals — the sky’s the limit and we can do what we want with talent and grit.

6. Uma Chellappa


With her acerbic wit and flair for writing, Uma is one of those mums from the golden era of blogging who used to write about things that interested them deeply. She tweets about her son, movies, politics, books, life, being a mum, being a human (yes!), ups and downs, and life in general. Nothing is too ambitious a topic for this gifted writer. Her personal blog posts are strikingly beautiful and instantly connect with a reader. We tried selecting just one tweet to represent her and boy was it hard.

6 Indian Mums to Follow on Instagram 


1. Times of Amma

Every blogger or Instagrammer immediately recommends Times of Amma as their favorite go-to spot online. This expat Indian mum of two kids is a famous blogger, parenting columnist and author.  Shweta is based in Hungary with her kids. Her blog and Instagram reflects her diverse experiences and her days spent raising her ‘third culture kids.’

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The littlest one started “school” yesterday. He did well even though I stayed back for the whole day, popping up if needed, with a quick hug, watching like a hawk from a safe distance, ready to swoop in. I attempted to linger today as well, as we had a few tears at breakfast time. All schools here provide meals and snacks. The head teacher kindly told me to “go and have a nice day” and that they would call me if he was inconsolable or they would see me at pick-up time. As she led him away to the garden to play, he waved cheerily and said, “See you later, Amma.” I couldn’t bring myself to go home where I would mope around looking at his toys and sniffing his t-shirts. So, I find myself at our favourite cafe with coffee and a brownie, facing the play area where he usually mucks about as I drink in peace. And now there is so much peace and I can eat my brownie without sharing and all I want is my little boy when there were times in the past that I just wanted him to start school. I hate motherhood sometimes.

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2. Mommyingbabyt

We love Mommyingbabyt’s Nayantara for her vibrant Instagram posts. She posts about books, food, her adorable son, the outdoors and her parenting journey that all of us can relate to in every way possible.

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Free play. A few days ago babyT and I went down to the park to play and we had taken along our new doll in a bath tub toy. #babyT began by pouring some sand in his bath doll's little tub. And i had a fun idea to turn it into a mini hunt and find activity. I sent him on a mission to go find a pink flower, a yellow leaf, a white pebble, a green leaf, grass flowers and so on and so on. #babyT loved scampering around the park finding the objects I called out for. We got: 🏃‍♂️ some legs running, climbing, crawling & kneeling 🎨practiced colours. 🌿learnt something new like grass has flowers & that some plants have purple leaves 👋 got our hands dirty 🛀learnt how to pretend play by giving our doll a nature bath 🌞 lots of sunshine 🌪 and fresh air . We then took this tub home and kept coming back to marvel at how peaceful and full of nature a corner of our playroom looked. BabyT also removed and rearranged all the objects in terms of colour and type (leaves, rocks & sticks.) He has an inborn ability to organise objects by type. 🤷‍♀️ Not complaining at all. I see a lot of grown ups around us sometimes say don't play in the mud, don't pick up sticks and fallen leaves, don't get your hands muddy. But i tell you we had such a fun time doing this. Hands can be washed, scraped knees can be kissed better. Let your babies touch, feel and love the world around them. 🌾⚘🌿🍂🌻 . How do you encourage your children to love & enjoy nature? . . . . . #mommyingbabyT #mbt_activities #learningthroughplay #playwhileyoulearn #our_everyday_moments #KeepThemClose #letthembelittle #letthemexplore #leaves #merabeta #enjoylifealways #familytime #littlepiecesofchildhood #inthepark #cameramama #momlifeisthebestlife #momsofig #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momandme #petitejoys #awakethelight #my_magical_moments #pixel_kids #kidsforreal #ourplayroom

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3. Simrun Chopra

A mum to ‘a little T Rex,’ Simrun is a fitness mum in every sense. Every mom, whatever shape or size, finds inspiration in Simrun’s fitness and food ethic. Every mum we spoke to recommended her as an inspiration for mums who are looking at embracing health and positive body goals. Look out for her posts on food and how to eat healthy.

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Strive for progress not perfection !!! Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step. . Start simple …. Add just a 30 min walk to your day or change one little aspect of your diet. Only you can change your life. No one else can do it for you. What are you going to change … what's your little step going to be ? #nourishwithsim 📷 : @vjwesley . . . . . .#indianfitness #punefitness #fitindians #indiantravelblogger #fitindia #indianbloggers #indianmom #indianmoms #indianblogger #indianbloggers #indianmommyblogger #indianwomen #bangaloreblogger #punediaries #mumbaimoms #fitnessbloggers #fitnessblogger #delhiblogger #kolkatablogger #indianmomblogger #mumbaiblogger #delhiblogger #chennaiblogger #igershyderabad #delhiigers #instabangalore #pcos . . . @fitnesstransformations20 @transformations.shoutout @fitness_club_india @fitgirlsworldwide @fatloss_weightloss_lg @fitnutin @fitzupofficial @real.transformation @_fitness_india_ @adidasrunnersin @underarmourwomen @underarmourindia @reebokwomen_india @reebokindia @asicsindia @yogue_activewear @gymxapparel @sheinofficial @piranhasportswear @wulframathletics @rippedupnutrition @silvertraq @flirtatious_india @thewonderwomenworld

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4. And How Do You Do

A mum whom you can relate to instantly, Akshaya posts about her parenting journey with her beautiful daughter. She posts about what she makes for her daughter, where they go, what they eat and more. Think of her Instagram feed as a fascinating visual diary of her journey as a mum. We can’t resist checking out every page!

5. Melani Rayen

Melani describes herself as a mum living a simple slow life in a small city but the small city is what make her photos so rich and vibrant. She beautifully captures everyday moments from her life as a parent and her photos show a great eye for candid shots and can capture various moods. Also, her Instagram profile tells us not to miss reading the captions. You know what? You should read the captions!

6. Mala Tulsiani

A work from home mum who posts on parenting, travel, lifestyle and beauty, Mala is also a product reviewer and posts about baby fashion too. She has such a positive parenting mantra. Her latest post made us love her even more. Do read to find out why!

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So today, I met one of my friend’s wife. This was our first meeting and we were with our kids. So we were chit chatting in general about everything and also about our kids. During our conversation, she told me for infinite number of times that your little girl is so smart and intelligent as compared to other 19 months old children. This obviously made me happy and proud at the same time. But each time she told me this, she never missed a chance to say “my child is not at all intelligent, he is dumb. He is 4 years old but he is not even half as smart as your lil girl “. I seriously felt like punching her on her face and tell her that the problem is not with your child, but the problem is in YOU. The problem is in your attitude and behavior towards your kid. But I just couldn’t say these things to her, this being our first meeting. To all the parents here, I want to say one thing. DON’T EVER COMPARE YOUR CHILD WITH OTHER CHILDREN. Not every child is same. Every child is unique. They have their own way of learning and understanding things. BUT YOU AS PARENTS PLAY THE MOST IMPORTANT ROLE IN TEACHING THEM. THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER WHERE IT IS WATERED PROPERLY. If you want your child to be smart, intelligent then SPEND quality time with them. UNDERSTAND what they want, how they learn, how they can be taught, what appeals them more and what are they interested in. Your child is different from others. BE PROUD OF THEM. PLEASE STOP COMPARING THEM TO OTHERS. Spend quality time with them and appreciate for who they are.Tell them that you are proud of him/her. Don’t underestimate them. please.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 . . #loveyourkids #appreciateyourkids #everychildisagift #everychildisunique #letthemexplore #letthemlearn #raisingthemright #dontcompare #letthembekids #littleandbrave #momandkids #momandbabygirl #lovethemall #dontjudge #thechildrenoftheworld #ilovemygirl #iamproudofyou #iamproudofmygirl #babywearing #soulslings #soulslingsindia

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