We all love our kids and want them to grow up into a successful and strong individual. But we lived in a highly competitive world. Sometimes, this competitive atmosphere makes us greedy. Unconsciously, we become a part of rat race. We set higher expectations from kids and want to see them as a winners in all fields. And while doing this we forget the desire and happiness of our children.  Too much academic and parental pressure may cause anxiety, depression and different psychological disorders in kids at the early age.

Of course, being an ambitious person in life is important. But being a happy and self-satisfied individual is also equally important. So, what can we do as a parent to avoid a high parental pressure on kids?  And how can we maintain a healthy parenting strategy that will promote an overall healthy development in kids? What should be our tactics for a better guidance that helps in their academic progress but did not put any extra pressure on their mental and physical status?

Here I am sharing 5  personality traits that I believe every parent should teach their children.

Self-discipline and Punctuality

Kids are innocent learners. They are impulsive. I think “self discipline” has tremendous positive effect in any person’s life. It is all about being able to regulate yourself. A person armed with good self-discipline definitely has a better perspective in his life and can solve his life challenges more easily. Obviously, kids have the shorter attention span and lack of self-control. But a little effort can make them more efficient. Self-regulation skills also play a vital role in academic achievement. They need to follow directions, pay attention to studies and behaviour during their academic year. Studies suggested that kids those who have better self-discipline at the early age develop better academic skills over the time.

This can be done at home by doing following simple steps like setting a fixed time for all routine chores, expecting children to help in household tasks and always motivating them for acquiring and following good habits.

Encourage Learning 

We live in a high-tech world and kids are influenced strongly by the latest technology. Sometimes, technology can affect their learning capability and courage to try new things. Instead build in them a constant desire to learn new things. Children should have the courage to try any new thing; it may be guitar, soccer or creative writing. But be aware, our focus should be on learning and not on the performance.

Nowadays, parents engage their kids in different classes to develop new skills at an early age. That is a good sign, but expecting them to be winners always is not good at all.

Being ambitious but also develop a sense of contentment 

Definitely, it is great to be ambitious in life. Everyone should have a strong desire to achieve their personal goals. Hard work with passion and ambition always help in success. My kids need to be ambitious with a strong desire to achieve their goals but at the same time they need to learn to be content and happy with their achievement. Being content is also necessary for happiness and wellbeing.  We live in a highly competitive world. Everyone wants to achieve everything and this over ambition may cause unhappiness and frustration. So, help your children develop a sense of self-satisfaction and contentment. This is the third personality trait I believe all children should develop..

Good health and balanced mind

It is true that “health is wealth“. For most parents the complete health  (mental, physical and social) of their children is crucial. During their academic years, kids are in a tight schedule – from studies to art, music and sports  keep them busy all the time. But a healthy body is the must.

It is also the duty of the  parent to serve them a healthy meals and keep them physically active. We should limit their screen time and plan physical activities for their wellbeing. Having a good mental and physical health is a great personality trait that will help them succeed in their life.

A sense of humour and fun

Life is a beautiful journey, but at the same time, it is challenging too. It is best to develop a sense of humour in them. Laughter is a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety. Having some fun family time is the easiest way to connect together.

The sense of humour is a personality trait that can be developed in kids. If they are being able to find fun in the difficult situation, then they are able to cope well with the challenge.

So, these were my favourite personality traits that will help in making our children healthy, happy and success fun adults. What are your thoughts?  Please share with us. Until then happy parenting!

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