This child friendly recipe of Easter Eggs is prepared with unsweetened coconut and white chocolate chips and sweetened a bit more with sweet condensed milk and apricot jam. How about hiding these eggs, instead of plastic ones this Easter?


In our family, we love white chocolate, so I thought of combining coconut and white chocolate and then this gave me the idea of eggs. The addition of apricot jam just popped in, while doing grocery shopping. As I was picking up the desiccated coconut, I saw jams and when I saw the apricot jam, it just reminded me the yolk. I thought, why not add it inside and mimic the real egg? I was skeptical but the ingredients assured me that it won’t go wrong.  So coconut, white chocolate, jam and condensed milk, can these let me down? No, they didn’t. I still need to perfect the shape to resemble an egg, but taste wise, it is awesome.

So here is what I did,          EasterSpecialEggs


  • White Chocolate Chips – 1.25 cups
  • Unsweetened Coconut – 1 cup
  • Sweet Condensed milk – ¾ cup
  • Apricot Jam – as needed
  • Oil/butter for greasing
  • Water for double boiler method
  • Colored sugar or sprinklers for decoration

I have not added a separate notes section. I have included the notes along with the steps and italicized them.


  • Mix the coconut and condensed milk together and mix them well. It should not be watery. If the condensed milk is too much, add more coconut. Make sure you can make balls out the mix.


  • Grease your palms with oil or butter and scoop out some of the mix to make a ball.
  • Now press the ball in the middle and add the apricot jam (I filled about a tsp)
  • Cover it and now try to get the egg shape.


  • Similar proceed with the rest of the mix. I got about 7 eggs.
  • Keep this in the freezer and I let them sit overnight. (It has to be firm, so more it sits in freezer it is good)
  • Remove the eggs from the freezer and let them sit. Meanwhile melt the chocolate for dipping.
  • I went with the regular double boiler method. You can also melt them in microwave.
  • So basically I boiled water in a vessel and covered it with a plate. In another bowl, I added the white chocolate and kept it on top.
  • The chocolate will slow start to melt.
  • Meanwhile cover another plate with parchment paper and keep the eggs, the plate everything ready. So you can dip them in the white chocolate before the chocolate thickens. (It was pretty cold that day, so I had to act fast)


  • Once the chocolate melts, dip them in the white chocolate and set them in the plate covered with parchment paper. If there is any excess chocolate on the sides, you can remove them later. So don’t worry about it while dipping.
  • Add sprinklers or color sugar crystals and let these dipped chocolate eggs sit for an hour to set. You can also keep them in fridge.


That’s it. Yummy chocolate eggs are ready. Break in to see the apricot filling.

Image credits: Vidhya


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