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Are you a vexed mom? Is your toddler a fussy eater? Are meal times more like tantrum times in your household? Do you want to change all this and more? If the answer to all of these questions are yes, yes, yes and a BIG yes then scroll down because I have the answers for your prayers!

The last one month has applied a soothing balm to this very worried mother’s heart! Really, with Pediasure my meal time battles with my son have seen a sea change. The fear that he is not getting adequate nutrition and his growth might be impacted is no longer keeping me up at night.

In fact, I notice a discernible improvement in his health. He is cranky no longer and is a healthy and smiling baby. He has fewer colds since he started on PediaSure for kids and seems to be more resistant to allergies and flu. His irritability is magically gone and he enjoys school and play time. I am convinced that it is regular intake of PediaSure that has made the difference as it is the only new addition in his routine in the past one month.

Meal times with PediaSure are a breeze

My picky child was prone to throwing tantrums at meal times regularly. I have made meal times fun by adding PediaSure to some of the stuff he disliked earlier, Now his yoghurt is spiked with PediaSure for kids which adds to the taste and texture. He simply loves it!

PediaSure recipes are easily available online and you can create many of them by just using your imagination. A warm mashed potato salad can be enhanced with PediaSure and the familiar taste will encourage your child to try it. Similarly you can add PediaSure powder to any dish, shake or salad that is not heated. Heating may kill the probiotic ingredients in the mix.

You will find that like my child, yours is happier at meal times too. You can safely give up to 18 ounces to your 3-5 year old. Do remember that PediaSure usage is not recommended for children with lactose intolerance or anyone suffering from Galactosemia.

Pediasure nutrition is optimal for children

8 ounces of PediaSure provides almost 240 calories including 9 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein to your child. 25 essential nutrients and vitamins make sure that your child’s nutritional needs are looked after. I see my little one is putting on a little weight, slowly but surely.

He is now sharper and pays more attention in his school. His participation in physical activities is greater than ever. He has made new friends as he is more cheerful. I am amazed at the changes

PediaSure usage has brought into my child’s life. Since all his nutritional needs are met he is healthier and happier. Although PediaSure is definitely not a substitute to regular food, it does supplement the nutritional requirements of children aged 2-13 years of age.

It is easy to buy PediaSure online and also in our neighbourhood stores. Try PediaSure‘s different flavours  and enjoy the smile on your child’s face. My son loves the variety and demands a new flavor every month. So, mix up the tastes and provide a nutritious and flavorful twist to snacks and meals.

PS- These are personal opinions and do not claim to be universal

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