We are turning out to be a road-tripping family. My husband loves to drive, so every chance we get, we get on the road to go to new and familiar places. This usually involves the iPad as the entertainment for our 6 yr old daughter.

Now anyone who lives with children knows that cartoon sounds can be super annoying, I hope I am not the only mom who cannot stand Peppa Pig snorting or the song worm of Shimmer and Shine playing in my head long after my daughter is in school. This gets compounded when you are stuck in the car for long hours with exactly these sounds. Our daughter on the other hand will increase the volume if her Dad and I start talking or listening to the radio. Then comes the argument between Dad and daughter about who cannot hear their respective entertainment sources.

The Solution

The solution – headphones for my daughter. When she was younger, say around 3/4 yrs old, the problem was she did not know how to put her head phones back on quite right once they fell off. This would involve us pulling over at an exit to fix the headphones right!

Cozy Phones

Cozy Phones

When I received the Cozy Phones headphones, it was the perfect solution! The headphones are inside the soft, fleece headband. They can be adjusted to the right position without slipping.What a simple, genius idea!

The headbands come in different colors and characters. Put the headband on and the headphones stay in place. My daughter finds them really comfortable as opposed to the traditional headphones which hurt her ear after a while and she keeps them on longer! The wires also seem sturdy and great for rough use.

It is also a great solution for the long airline trips to India where the airline provided earphones always hurt my daughter’s ears after a while.


Now we have an argument free car trip where everyone is happy and listening to what they want!

With Memorial Day coming up, if you have a road trip planned, this is a definite must-have! Also, if you are traveling this summer to India or some other lovely vacation spot a long plane ride away!

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