Sandhya Acharya, author of ‘Big Red Firetruck’ is back with another interesting book, ‘10 Gulab Jamuns‘, just in time for Diwali.  Kids have an instinctive sweet tooth and festivals are the time that make them go crazy as the kitchen is filled with sugary desserts. It’s definitely hard to deny them a treat when it’s put right in sight.

Sandhya’s  books are inspired from real life incidents experienced with her kids, Adu and Idu. In the earlier Kindle book Big Red Firetruck!, Idu was teaching Adu all about Firetrucks and now the two brothers regale us with their misadventure with gulab jamuns in this story.

10 Gulab Jamuns

10 Gulab Jamuns speaks of Adu and Idu, who are excited to see their bustling mom. They were expecting guests later that day.Though their table was filled with mouth watering dishes for the guests, the brothers were particularly allured by Gulab Jamuns. Mamma has asked them to wait till the guests arrive. But can they? You will have to read this sweet book to find out!

What I liked about the book

1) The book introduces the kids to festive atmosphere, hospitality and a taste of India.
2) A cute story that teaches maths concepts with numbers upto 10.
3) A yummy Gulab Jamun recipe at the end of the book.

This book, “10 Gulab Jamuns”, is sure to bring you smiles as the Illustrations by Vanessa Alexandre brings to life the mischievousness of the siblings Adu and Idu.

The book will definitely appeal to kids and parents. Go ahead, grab a copy of the lovable book this Diwali!

You can puchase the books from Trycelery and Amazon as well.

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