Activities for summer holidays on your mind? We have compiled a great list of things to do during this break.

  1. Get a splash tub or a water spray or water guns or anything for water play in the backyard
  2. Get membership to the local zoo or museum or aquarium – lots of these places have tie ups with other museums, zoos and aquarium giving you discounts.
  3. Stock up on some fun books from the library.
  4. Find a patch of grass. Take off our shoes and play soccer. Better still just run!
  5.  Go for nature walks/hikes. We found a good one at , it has local hikes and trails, reviews and level of intensity.
  6. Eat an outdoor dinner or a picnic dinner once a week.
  7. Plan to check out local listings for Outdoor concerts and go for at least a couple.
  8. Visit the Farmer’s Market and get juicy strawberries till season lasts.
  9. Wash the car!
  10. Visit a beach with toys to dig and a kite!

Photo Credit for All Pics: Preethi 

And if nothing works out as planned, take long afternoon naps!

What are your plans?


Jump in and share your thoughts!

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